Baby Making Permit Essay

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Kendall Roland William Coates
Professor Allison English 101 2:20 MW
April 3, 2013 Baby Making Permit With great power comes great responsibility. From owning a weapon, to driving a motor vehicle, or even serving food at a restaurant in our society requires a permit because it not only effect’s the individual who owns the power, but can effects the people around them. Permits make sure people in a position of power are qualified to wield it and cannot hurt or damage a human life. If protecting a human life in our society is so important, why are we not regulating parents who control every aspect of an adolescence life? Adults who intend to have children should be screened and meet certain requirements so we can ensure that a child is raised in humane conditions. I will explain further why we need this regulation, the expectations required of adults to have a child, and address counter arguments. Life is not an easy. As adults we need to worry about food, shelter, hygine, and a countless number of other basic necessities. Many people in America struggle dealing with the demands of life as they are. Having a child only increases these stipulations exponentially. Not only do parents need to support themselves, but now parents must provide for a baby on top of their needs. Babies also have their own needs unique to them, which parents could have no previous experience in dealing with. All of these new issues that arise from a child could be overwhelming to a parent. When overwhelmed not only does the parent suffer, but also the infant or child from neglect. Child abuse not only includes beating children and molestation but also neglect as well. A parent who can’t provide for a baby properly in essence is abusing that child. Most parents would never directly abuse their child though and will find ways to provide like welfare or food stamps. These methods to provide draw from the people. The United States government places taxes on everyone so that people who are in less fortunate than their fellow citizen can survive, which is not a problem. The problem is that some parents make conscious choice to have this child when they are well aware that they may not be able to provide for their child on their own. Metophorically speaking a person is more likely to try to jump over gap if there is a safety net below. We need to make prerequisets before people can jump, and if need be the safety net will be there. Driving and owning a car is a huge responsibility that is highly regulated as I stated before. It’s illegal for a person who hasn’t had regulated training and testing from the government to get into a vehicle, and then get onto the freeway doing 60mpg. So why are we letting parents have a child when it’s more complex and demanding than driving? Logically it makes no sense. First there should be an age requirement of 22. It’s impossible to have a full understanding of life, but at 22 people start to mature. This gives people the time to get to learn about life experiences outside on being a youth. Getting a college degree means that you are proficient in your subject, and usually takes 4 years. At 18 we start attending the college of adulthood, so after 4 years people will be more proficient at providing for themselves. For my second requirement parents should be required to take a class and read a book specific to actually raising a child. This will make them more proficient in providing for the children. People love to use the excuse that there is no handbook or guide for raising children, but now that will be void. Last but not least parents should be investigated for criminal activity, not be