Baby: Pregnancy and Mother Essay

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I chose to interview someone who is very close to me and have looked up to all my life; my mother. A lady who has gone through five pregnancies, having three boys and two girls. Who all range from the ages of eighteen to twenty-six. Though none of her pregnancies were easy, she feels that having a child is one of the greatest blessings a person can receive. Since I was so interested in knowing how her pregnancies went, I chose to interview my mother about her first pregnancy.
“ Nothing is like having the feel of thinking that you are pregnant.” My mom remembers being woken up during the night with a bad stomach ache. The biggest part she remembers was taken a sprint to the washroom because she knew there was lots to come from her mouth. She remembers kneeling at the toilet seat and thinking to herself; “these are not regular stomach pains nor are they cramps.” She had a feeling that she had to be pregnant. While vomiting she had millions of thoughts running through her head, trying to calculate and remember her period cycle. A week later she decided to take a pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive! Seeing that, was probably the most excited feeling she had ever experienced. She was newly married and her and my father were excited to have a kid! Baby boy here he comes!
Words from my mom, is that being pregnant is the time to be most fragile and kind to your body inside and out. During her pregnancy she had lots of pains everyday, along with vomiting all day. Her feet stayed swollen and her back felt like it was always about to crack with any movement she made. Though there was so much to complain about, my mother had lots of help from my father and her sister. Much love and caring ways were shown to my mother, which she felt made her pregnancy feel alot better, than if it was vice versa. Though my mother craved caffeine and junk food, she would not dare to eat any of that, because she feared it would affect the baby in every way. It was her first time being pregnant, she listened to everything said in a book of “ what not to do, when pregnant.” Long walks became an everyday thing for her, along with relaxation and meditation classes for pregnant women. Even though my mom read so many pregnancy books, she never bothered to take any classes to help prepare her for the baby or even for delivery. My mother just took tips from her mother and her sister.
“Words just cannot explain the feeling I felt, when I knew it was time for this baby to come!” It was like the inside of her stomach was being pulled out by pliers. She said she just knew that she was in labor, her pain was nothing like what she had felt before. My father was there as my mother began her labor and he was also the one to rush her to the hospital and was there the whole time during delivery. Even though my mother wanted to be induced. She was not able to, because she was already dilated too far and by the time she got to the hospital she had to have the baby right away. My mother remembers the delivery being so painful but yet so quick. After they took measurements and weighed the baby, my mother was finally able to hold her healthy baby for the first time. Though she was so nervous during labor and was wishing for a way not to go through the delivery, she says after she delivered the baby, it was like there was never ever pain there. And when she got to hold her baby boy, it was like only him…