Bachelor Thesis on Business Intelligence Essay

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Studium licencjackie
Kierunek: Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems
Specjalno´c: Methods of Decision Analysis s´ Forma studiów: stacjonarne

Evaluation and comparison of Business
Intelligence platforms as systems supporting decision-making in small and medium-sized companies in Poland

Warszawa 2013


Business Intelligence (BI) systems are applications that are used to enhance decisionmaking in organizations. However, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in
Poland has only recently begun to discover the benefits of these systems. This study elaborates on the architecture of these applications as well as identifies the advantages of BI platforms — it demonstrates how BI
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Research aims and objectives

The overall purpose of the thesis is to conduct a study of Business Intelligence and BI vendors followed by a more detailed comparison of three BI suppliers: JCommerce, Hog-


art Business Intelligence and Datacom Software. To this aim, this Bachelor dissertation is split into the two following main goals.
1. To determine the advantages of BI systems as applications improving decisionmaking in SME companies. The guideline will comprise the BI systems’ presentation by defining their functions and describing their architecture. It will be shown how BI platforms can positively impact SME’s position in the market, contribute to their gaining competitive edge and help become market leaders. The character of
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Poland is also outlined owing to which the potential scale for the implementation of BI software is indicated.
2. To propose a methodology of comparing BI platforms and vendors. Having identified the need for a BI system, a SME companies face the dilemma of how to conduct
BI seller selection. This problem is of a multidimensional nature as multiple variables need to be considered (such as BI functionalities, price etc). In order to solve this issue, the Analytic Hierarchy Process