Bachelor's Degree and Non-business Student Application Essay

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Non-Business Student Application Form
Request to enroll in a Graduate Marshall Course
Bachelor’s Degree - Proof of your degree must be on record with USC or an official sealed transcript must be provided with this application.
Graduate Student - You must be a current graduate student at USC and admitted in a degree program.
GPA – You must meet a minimum USC graduate GPA of 3.20. If your graduate GPA is not available yet, your undergraduate GPA must be a minimum of 3.40.
12 unit limit – You may not complete more than 12 units of graduate Marshall courses WAITLIST POLICY
If a course that you are requesting is full, this form will serve as a waitlist. Your priority on the waitlist will be based on the date and time that this form is submitted to our office.
1. The waitlist does not guarantee you a space in the class.
2. You must attend the first week of class to keep your place on the wait list.
3. If a seat becomes available and you are next on the waitlist, you will be automatically enrolled in the course.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are already registered for another section of the same course or another course that is offered at a conflicting time, you will be dropped from the existing class section and added to the waitlisted section.
4. Clear all holds & restrictions on your student account (example: collection holds, passport verification, etc.). If we are unable to process your registration, you will forfeit your opportunity to enroll in the class and your name will be removed from the waitlist.
5. You are responsible for any charges resulting from this process
Instructor approval does not exempt the student from the other requirements identified on this form.
You must take this course with a letter grade option. Auditing is not allowed.
Registration priority is given to Marshall graduate students and enrollment is based on space availability.
Some class sections have enrollment restrictions and will usually be stated on the schedule of classes ( For example, a course or section may have a note saying, “graduate accounting students only” and that class will only be available for students who are part of the graduate accounting…