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To My Fellow Classmates, back to the basics.

As a senior in college, the past four years of my life have been filled with a lot of learning. However, this semester, especially, brought me to a whole different level of learning. During my audit internship I learned a lot, not just about auditing, because that’s pretty obvious, but about life in general. Actually, I don’t know if “learned” is the word I should say to describe my many experiences this semester, but perhaps “reminded” is a better term. I was reminded of the many accounting lessons that I forgotten about immediately after a big test. I reminded myself to be conscience of my table etiquette at lunches with clients, and the importance of always being on time, if not 10 minutes early. I was reminded that in the real world, it doesn’t matter how much you drank the night before, you still have to go to work, it’s not like class, there is no option of skipping. See, each and every day was a reminder of things I know, I just maybe had not had to be so conscience of on a daily basis.
As I quickly adjusted to the real world, I was soon reminded of things that I once was more conscience of, as a college student. Being an accounting major, I have not had to do many Creative Writing essays in the past couple of years. Actually, I can’t really remember when the last one was due. English 250 was a definite reminder of why procrastinating on essay assignments was not the best idea, both for my work, and my stress level. As I hurried to complete my essays each week, I was reminded that writing is a process. It takes time, thought, and a lot of revision. You see, much like the real world lessons I was learning, I was also being reminded how to be a good writer.
Taking time to plan, write, rewrite, revise, and publish my essays each week was a good start to becoming a good writer again. It is actually funny how quickly you forget that those key steps make all the difference in writing. Also, writing takes creativity, something that I think our lives as accounting students tends to lack. We were forced to be creative, put words together, and, moreover, just write things. I can say that definitely was not the easiest part of this whole class for me. It was a sort of new challenge, or a reminder, of things I once had to do all the time. Because what we were forced to write was not challenging, it wasn’t analyzing Shakespeare, or writing complex poems, or even terribly long research papers, it was back to the basics. A simplistic overview of things we may have forgotten. It was different. It