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Background Information
•Author : Cheryl Strayed.
•Published in the united states by Alfred A. Knopf on march 20, 2012.
•Translated into more than thirty languages.
•Genre non-fiction.
Plot Summary
When Cheryl strayed was at the age of 22, she had lost her mother to cancer, watched her family disintegrate, and got divorced from a man she still loved. Four years later with nothing more to lose, she made the most important decision of her life is to hiking alone with no backpacking experience. Strayed made up her mind to spend roughly 100 days hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,663 mile trail running from Mexico to Canada.

Part 1
She was dealing with the devastation of her mother’s death --and basically her family fell apart after that point--- So… she was only 22 but didn’t really have a family structure---her life kinda fell apart --her marriage ended --and this was kind of way reclaim herself--- and to discover herself and to deal with her grief---and to hike the trailed by herself ---
Part 2 when she hike the pacific crest trail--- there’s a lot of flashbacks and a leading up to that where you get the pieces of her life that have brought her to where she is---
Cheryl’s mom battle with cancer and death
Family falling apart
Marriage failing, cheating, doing drugs
Divorce with paul

Pain in her horribly blistered feet caused by her too-small boots.
She faced snow fields, rattlesnakes, extreme heat, and dehydration. Characters
Cheryl Strayed