The Experience Of The Jews

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The Experience of the Jews.
Before the War
Jews were very well respected members of the community.
Big number of Jews were placed in Ghettos-seen to the public as working camps, reality: death camps.
Propaganda- influenced and helped reinforced the ostracising of the Jews from society.
Passed several laws = couldn’t integrate, and couldn’t marry.
Anti-Jewish Decrees (Nazi’s introduced this -> gradually eliminated the rights of Jewish citizens)
During the early 30’s (Nazi’s rise to power) Germany was experiencing great economic and social hardship
The country :

- Had to pay huge compensation to Allies as a result of losing WW1.
- Had to adhere to the Treaty of Versailles (no longer have a large army and gave up land)
- Severe inflation and economic instability
- Great unemployment

Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s economic and social problems.
Jews were regularly persecuted and humiliated All Jews and non-Aryans were excluded from German society ; They could no longer hold government jobs, own property, or run their own businesses
Nazi’s saw Jews, Roma & Sinti (gypsies), black people and the disabled as a serious biological threat to the priority of the Germany’s- Aryan race, so called the ‘Master race’ ( perfect Aryan were tall or have blue eyes or blonde hair).
Getting Out
Some Jews managed to leave the country as refugees- these people usually needed money and a permit to allow them to immigrate to other countries.
July 1935 in Evian, France- conference was held here. 32 countries, including GB, to discuss the