Bacon-Truck Essay

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Trucks serve for delight, for durability, and for power. Their chief use for delight is in appearance; for durability, is in the framework; and for power is under the hood. For expert trucks can execute and perform many difficult tasks unlike regular SUV’s. To spend too much time with trucks is not a sin; to tear them apart is a job; and to delight in them is a love.

They perfect performance, and are perfected by the type and power of the engine; for power is like a lion, they need strength to run and perform the abilities of their everyday lives. Trucks themselves do give forth delight. What’s “under the hood” now a days is one of the biggest aspects people look at. For the sound of the performance given off is a desire that everyone asks for. Unknowledgeable men contemn powerful trucks, simple men admire; and wise men use them. For they not only show off strength and performance, but without them there isn’t charm. Some trucks are to be driven to haul, others to be raced, and some to be looked at as performance based: That is, some trucks are to be driven to haul many different work-related materials; others to be raced against each other, and some to be compared against another, with the type of strength and performance they acquire. Some trucks also may be driven with authority, and shown to their greatness.

Durability, designed to be strong; designed to never break down; designed to be the best. The durability of a truck makes a truck. Trucks today have changed dramatically in the past 10 years. There has been an increase in horsepower, an increase in structure, and an increase in size. Today, so many companies are trying to come up with a preeminent work truck that is powerful; is durable; and is fuel-efficient. As you see in many commercials, trucks aren’t just built for the road; they are in addition made to go off as well. They are durable enough to climb boulders, to climb hills, and to climb other obstacles. When doing so, you have to make sure you are maintaining your truck. Having and