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To Francis Bacon the conception of ‘truth’ is an established fact, which goes unchallenged. He is of the view that, ‘Truth is superior to everything’. Even the Divine Books emphasize on absolute truth, whether its Muhammad (pbuh) or Jesus Christ, both preached their followers to support ‘truth’ in any sort of circumstance. Even Socrates (before the time of these prophets) welcomed the cup of deadly poison for the sake of truth. But in 21st century, the sense and meaning of truth is lost, especially when talking in terms of politics. The horizons of truth in politics are very different from the horizons of truth in any other science. The problem with telling the truth is that much of what happens in the political world is made possible by lies. For instance, we have a long history of lies on War in Palestine. It all started in 1897 when Theodor Herzl founded the “World Zionist Organization”. Dr.Chaim Weizmann a scientist, and an active member of this organization was the chief figure for turning Zionism ideology into reality. Dr.Weizmann during World War I assisted Great Britain by his discovery of ‘acetone’ (a solvent required to make explosives), in return Great Britain promised to build a “Jewish National Home” in Palestine. The Jewish lobby’s objectives could not be accomplished unless it had full support from the super power. Thus, when United States joined World War II in 1942, President Roosevelt requested Dr.Weizmann to help them manufacture a synthetic rubber for the war effort. Of coarse Dr.Weizmann accepted the request with the promise of a “Jewish state”. Soon after the war the “Jewish State” was established in 1948. This was accomplished more on the basis of ‘One people promising a Second people to give them the land of a Third people without consulting a Third people dwelling in that land’. The super powers declared that they were “giving a Land without a people to a People without a land” ignoring that the Palestinians as a people were already living in that land and not just owning it. Since 19th century till this very day, the Zionist leaders are persistent that Palestinians were and still are nomads who do not exist as either a people or a nation. The argument often given by Zionists is that, Palestine was an empty and barren piece of land until Zionists decided to ‘redeem’ it from the desert. Ironically, the Palestinian desert of 1948 is still a desert to this very date. Another argument often given by Israel is “We do not recognize the right of (Palestinian) Arabs to rule the country, since Palestine is still undeveloped and awaits its builders”. As according to them these nomads belonged to various Arab tribes living in the neighbouring countries, which we know was a false claim. If for Palestinian people, absence of a state or a distinct culture is a valid reason for not having a country of their own, then why should the peoples of Salvador, Guatemala, Congo, Algeria, ... etc. have the right of self determination? Is it also a good reason to confiscate their homes and not give them citizenship of the country in which they have been living for generations? And above all should a powerful nation exploit weaker nation just because the weaker nation is incapable of defending its land? Palestinians’ existence was openly condemned and denied, a lie that was so frequently repeated by the Jews that the world finally accepted it as a Truth. Let us move to Afghanistan and have a look over the reasons behind its present condition. America has wanted a new government in Afghanistan since at least 1998, three years before the attacks on 11 September 2001.As to allow the construction of oil pipeline in Afghanistan but in November 1998 attacks on the oil companies working there put an end to their plans, as they were forced to close down by Talibans. The war on Afghanistan was sold to the public as a reaction to the attacks on 11 September 2001. However, the war was planned before the infamous 9/11