Bacteria Testing Essay

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Bacteria Testing

Introduction: Research all the questions and cite sources.
1. Describe the characteristic of the kingdom Eubacteria & Archaebacteria
2. What ways are bacteria classified?
3..Diagram a bacterial cell and label with functions: cell wall, ribosome, mesosome, pili, flagellum, nucleoid , plasmid, capsule 4.. Describe the nutrition, respiration and reproduction of bacteria.
5. What is an antibiotic? How does it work? Cite sources
6. How does the body fight bacterial infections?
7. What is genetic engineering? Describe the role of bacteria in genetic engineering.
8. Research on your own problem for the experiment on the direst place in school. (Think of product labels or myths you have heard.) Cite sources.

The Set-up for Testing
Problem: State the specific problem:
Hypothesis: State your first hypothesis in terms of the bacteria and antibiotics.
Procedures: Include a material list, and the methods for sterilization, making a culture, inoculating with bacteria, antibiotic testing and your own test design for your hypothesis.
Describe how you plan to validate your research on other bacterial control methods.

Data: 1. Include a diagram of your plate with the zone of inhibition (mm labeled) clearly identified and labeled for each antibiotic test. Identify the control. 2. Include a diagram of your test plate design with the zone of inhibition (mm) clearly identified and labeled for each of your tests. 3. A table demonstrating class results to include test material and zone of inhibition 4. Design an analytical graph which demonstrates the effectiveness…