Bad Habit Relationship Essay

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Bad Habit Relations

Mirrored relationships are not just as they seem, the three works in which are titled,
"Love Song: I and Thou", "To Be In Love", and, "Sex, Lies AND Conversation". In the poem "I and Thou" the man feels that he needs help in which his wife is not providing. In the poem "To Be In Love" Gwendolyn Brooks seems to like a man that is not able to be with her. In the pec "Sex, Lies AND Conversation" Deborah Tannen, she is a researcher, trying to find the conflicted between man and woman: husband and wife, and why are they having relationship problems. Dugan explains his pain towards his wife and how she is not helping him. He emotionally feels that she is not giving him the help and attention he needs, there for he writes this poem. The reason why he need help is because he is used to doing every thing by himself: "I built the roof for myself the walls for myself the floors for myself and got hung up in myself". The point of Dugan writing this poem is to gently tell his wife, "I am nothing without you, I need you, and I won't to be with you for the rest of my life". Gwendolyn Brooks explains her feelings towards a man, and has detailed information of how she feels. She is wanting for him, needing for him, she has a lust that cannot be for filed, a forbidden love. The way Dugan explains her love for this man, she comes out to be as a stoker: "he is not there but you know you are tasting together, the winter, or a light spring weather His hand to take your hand is overmuch. Brooks also come out to be a little selfish, she wants what she wants no matter the cost she wants to have this man all to himself: "You remember and covet his mouth To touch, to whisper on". Brooks relations towards this man is a forbidden love. The way Brooks writes her poem it is as tho she can not talk to him as if she is afraid of rejection. She is afraid to talk to him that's why she can only write how she feels she can't emotionally talk to this man. Tannen explains her research towards man and woman relationship to be corrupted, the men do not talk to the woman in which husband and wife. The argument is that the husband talks more in publics than at home, and on the flip side the wife talks most at home: "I commented that women frequently complain their husbands don't talk to