Bad Habits Reflection

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Habits Reflection In my reflection I will be discussing to you about my bad habits and my good habits. I would like to gradually improve on my bad habits and help myself in trying to cease doing them. I also would like to become better at my many good habits or just continue in doing them the way I am now. There are a few bad habits that I need to better myself in but my top three are; procrastination, not doing my homework and swearing. I find that these are one of the few worst habits that I encounter myself doing because I have been doing them for such a while now. Procrastination affects me negatively because when something can be done in a matter of ten minutes can lead into taking more time than it is needed. That is because I will go and check my text messages or I will get lazy and play around with my brothers. Not doing my homework will absolutely affect me in so many ways because if I do not understand the field that I am currently studying I would be facing summer school. No one wants to be sitting in a class room on a beautiful sunny day. Many students in today’s society do not like to do homework because we are all just lazy and want to mob around doing nothing when we get home. I do give these students a reason including myself because no one wants to be waking up six, seven o’clock in the morning, spending six hours in school and coming home to do more work. School is very important; they teach you reading, writing, and mathematics. Then they teach, reading, writing and mathematics, then again… And again, making it harder and that is where they went wrong. They should have classes on drugs, real sex education, and class on police brutality, racism, and religious cults. But no, we have gym classes. One day we will definitely walk into a store and say “Hi, may I have X Y + 2 and have Y change back” it