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Violent political events
Disrupt social and political status quo
Affect the government political control over assignment
Triggered by extraordinary set of events or a sudden event
The making has usually been happening for a while
Often have repercussions on political, social, intellectual, economic, and cultural
The message of a revolution usually moves from one country to another by uncontrollable dynamics
Often triggered by one or many people
Control of the revolution is almost never always in the same hand as the person(s) who started it
Started in 1780-89
It was a political upheaval which completely overturned the monarchy
It was a political movement in protest, by the middle class and peasants against the aristocracy, the church, and the king
It was lead by middle class intellectuals
Assisted by peasants who at a point took over the revolution
The urban poor eventually got involved in the revolution
As a result, three classes came into being
Aristocracy (seigneurs-Lords)
Had a lot of power since the king was an aristocrat himself so he wanted to keep them loyal to him
Intellectually the king thought they were above the middle class
Middle class (bankers, merchants, ship owners, brokers)
In small cities
Blue collar/ agricultural workers
Urban, poor Unskilled, future blue collar workers of Paris
Until 1830, you had manufactures (unmechanized production), rather than factories
Eventually become the proletariat
In big cities
Peasants- Unpaid workers
French King accepted to hear the complaints about life and the economy from
June 17-27
Middle class withdrew from the meeting and asked for different procedures to be enacted
They wanted one vote per person
The protested on the tennis court and declared themselves to be the assembly of the nation with one man per vote
The king was forced to accept these terms
July 14
Bastille day
Paris rose up in rebellion
The marched from Paris to the palace grounds, and demanded bread
At the same time, prisoners at Bastille prison were broken out. They were all political prisoners
The women from Paris went to Versailles and brought the queen back
Now the symbolic day of the French Revolution
Like 4th of July
Peasants rebelled and kicked the aristocracy out

Industrial Revolution
Political movement which brought about economic and social change
Part of the industrial revolution is to bring about the growth of the important of the market
Through demographic growth, grew a greater demand for cheap cloth
Bla bla fuck this shit. Im out. O wait. I cant leave. Fuck.
Labpr was domesticated
Supply and demand.
First in England. Then france, and other place places.
Steam engine worked by doing stuff
Britian had ongoing population growth
Britian Scotland England whales and ire
Britian had large deposits of coal and iron oar
Taxation was not very heavy and was applicable to the aristocracy
It had substantial amounts of capital accumulation

Highlights from the class
She said the word sexy
She told us she’s a great dancer…not sure why.
Apparently we don’t know what a fucking apostrophe is because we’re in nursery and retarded. Like wtf. Seriously? And we’re the first class to remind you we aren’t in second grade. Did you teach kindergarten before this?
Apparently we have to know how the fuck a steam engine works. Seriously. This isn’t a fucking engineering class, and why the fuck would the book tell us how a steam engine works.
They invented coke in England or some shit. Turns out its not the good kind

Read French revolution stuff
Nationl assembly read the the dec of the rights of man

who rothesbeer was
As a member of the Estates-General, the Constituent Assembly and the Jacobin Club, he advocated against the death penalty and for the abolition of slavery, while supporting equality of rights, universal suffrage and the establishment of a republic. He