Bad Technology Contact Bad Essay

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Anna Moon
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Bad Technology Contact Bad! Technology, Technology, technology, which is all you can see! People need to get more active and not connected to the technology 24-7. People are always using some kind of technology. All you see is people on a technology device. When you go out and see people on a date, they could be texting each other instead of talking in person when they are right in front of each other. The limitation of human contact due to use of technology has a negative effect on people’s lives. The technology is bad; because of technology people get into accidents, they are always on technology and becoming obese, and people always are trying to fit in and have the same kind of technology as other people. Technology gets people into an accident. Most people do not get into accidents since they always look up every five seconds when they are texting so they do not crash at all. People are always on their phone when they are driving when they should be focusing on the roads. Not all the people will get lazy and big from just technology. Some of the technology can actually help people instead. The more people use technology the more lazy they get. Technology for human contact is just bad. People may think it is good, but it is actually addicting in many ways. People are on a device wherever they go. Again when texting while driving, that is a good example. People always contact other people by texting and driving, which is very dangerous, since people can get into car accidents. Also people text their friends while they are on a date. People also just use their phones to