Essay about Badminton: Learning and Equivalent Skill Level

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Final Reflection Going into the class I had very little prior knowledge of how badminton was played. Throughout the semester I learned a lot about the strategy involved in the game along with the basic mechanisms of play. From experience I learned that the smash shot is the most effective way to score points. I did not however learn this from scoring points with the smash (which I have yet to master), but from watching my other classmates use it successfully. My skills may still be novice but they have improved immensely from the beginning of the class. I could barely serve over the net at the beginning and now I can serve with ease and accuracy. I think the serving exercises helped but after a while they got redundant. I liked the exercise where we had to serve into a hula hoop and I didn’t really care for serving against the wall. Overall my favorite activity was the one where there was four people to a team and if your team lost a rally you lost a player and if you won a rally the player got to come back. That activity was by far the most fun of the semester and it also helped to improve both offensive and defensive skills. I liked the ladder type tournament much better than the double elimination tournament. In the ladder tournament we were much more likely to be paired with someone of equal skill. An equivalent skill level amongst teams made the games much more comfortable and fun. I think people who are better at badminton would much rather face a comparable…