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Abbey Fenton
Lifetime Leisure Activities
April 9, 2014
Badminton Profile
At the beginning of this badminton lesson I did not know much about the rules and I had terrible form. Even after the first class I began to learn the rules and my level of play was much higher. Towards the end of the badminton less I have become very confident in my playing ability.

Philosophy of Play:
Each day we had a list of things to do, such as 30 slams, and we recorded the number of successful attempts. With everyday progress was made and overall skill increased. After practicing each move we played against one another to put our practice to use.

Activity Outline:
First we began with a list of different moves to practice. We recorded the number of successful attempts to track our progress. After completing each move we would play against one another to experience real game play.

Pre-test/Post-test Materials:
It was important to listen to the instructor and complete everything on the daily sheet.

Lesson Plans:
Show students how to properly set up nets and use equipment
Explain rules.
Practice each of the movements until each student understands.
Proceed to game play.

All students understand how to use the equipment.
All students understand the game rules.
All students understand that they must work as a team.
All students understand the meaning of teamwork.
All students understand the feeling of patience.
All students understand the meaning of being a good sport.
All students use equipment properly and become comfortable with use.
All students develop better badminton skills.
All students increase athletic ability.

Resource Material: Equipment:
Badminton courts
Badminton rackets
Badminton birdies
Badminton nets set to right height
Gym that has enough room for multiple Badminton courts

High knees
Butt kickers
Shoulder stretches
Sit ups
Push ups
(all exercises can be modified)

Skills List:
Front hand
Back hand
Short serve
Long serve

Modifications and Adaptations:
All exercises can be increased or decreased in the amount performed that is suited to each individual. All skills can be simplified if an individual has difficulty performing. If whole group is struggling all activities can be modified.

Appropriate Game