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Baked Goods Founders/Co­Owners: John Koroma and Leo Lakpa Values: giving back? supporting the commmunity?
: Foundation: Suit/ Sneaker/ Clothing Boutique ran like a corporation but it is a small business.
*BUY EVERYTHING IN CASH (no matter what)

­Letting employees know they are crucial to the business! (Building up our employees to becoming managers, leaders in their community, schools, and even future leaders or owners of their own business)

Shop Details
•Primary shop | clothes
­Tapered sweats
­Levi jeans
­ Crewnecks (Colleges, designer, etc)
­Jerseys (Nfl,Nhl,Nba) etc
­Button up shirts
­Alife, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Asics, New Balance
­ Loyalty Card Benefits (10% off next purchase, earn rewards points that can be used towards big releases) ­Gift Cards •Primary shop | Suits
­Tailors will be available
­tuxedos for special events (and just to rent)
­dress shoes (brogues, oxfords, monk straps, loafers)
­Gift Cards
­Accesories (Ties: Knitted, Bow, Silk, Wool; Scarves; Gloves; Tie Clips; Waxed Laces, Cuff Links;
Shoe Shiner; iPhone Cases, Android Cases, Shoe Horns, Shoe Forms, Dress Socks: Happy Socks?,
Stance?, other know sock brands?)

­Free alterations if you have loyalty card •Formal Friday
­once a month
­dress pants
­dress shoes •Target Market
­Males and Females? (Having a sneaker / suit shop that also tailors to women could be a huge source of income because women do a lot of shopping for their boyfriends and decide how they want them to dress) ­16­30(s) Straight Wage: (above the current minimum wage so that people can pay their bills and allow people the ability to do so)
Offer Healthcare plans for all employees
Have someone work in the fitting rooms, host the fitting rooms Company Meetings: ­Conversion ­Comparing Last Years Sales to this years Sale ­Give props to the team for what the did good (Encouragement) also go over areas where we weren’t as strong at the particular week. ­ (try out daily meets, weekly meetings, or monthly meetings) ­ Open Forum for ideas with managers, employees ­Projection of daily sales ­Discuss with managers and employees what products we should be ordering and filling our stores with. (Branch store)
Open a mini golf course
90s music/hiphop/rnb

Store Operations:
­Walkie Talkie/Ear Pieces keeping everyone updated every hour or every two hours.
Store Hours 10am­9:30pm *Workers have to be in 2 hours early
Employee Age: 18+ no exceptions

Reward system: Which you can gain points every purchase for in store credit and also send a pair of sneakers overseas and donate to a charity fund (of our choice or that the community supports or that supports the edification of the local community.) Baked Goods Product: Custom shoe laces
­Shoe laces can come in different designs, colors, fits and put nicknames or initials.
­every time you buy one of our laces a 10% discount will be added w/ a sneaker or shoe purchase.
­company will try and partner w/ shoe brands.

Build a virtual business. Market the baked goods brand until it is completely recognizable. ­Free Wifi: Allowing customers to stay in stores longer to browse and the longer they stay the more likely they are to shop.
­ New technology: We want to stress the importance of being a technologically advanced store.
Offering an interactive store experience for shoppers. Also we need to constantly be up to date with technology that makes the shopping experience for customers smooth, fun, making them want to come back and to shop.
­Social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT COMES ALONG
­POS: I strongly feel that we should find someone who can bring us a POS system that is groundbreaking in the industry and is