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Company name:
Business Logo:
Business Slogan: Fresh and Fast / Fried Rice in a Trice
Business Ownership: Sina Fiu, Lesley Faasoo, Jackie Pedersen-Cook, Raymond Lee`
About Us: We as a group are selling one of the greatest fried rice made by an amazing woman named Maria, as we like to call her Aunt Maria. Her story really touched us and we believe bringing back her recipes to life will make a dream she wanted the most become into reality.
Vision Statement: Reach your goal with the best of your ability
Mission Statement: Back in the early days an amazing lady name Aunt Maria who came from a small village created amazing mouth-watering food, many of her villagers adored her foods however her dreams were not completed, she wanted to further enlarge her business and share it outside her village. In honour of her creativity and passion of food, we believe her food should be given a chance of existents and hope her foods will be loved.

Section Two- Business Analysis Swot Analysis:
To make our Business more appealing which would be targeting the audiences, it’ll be very easy because everyone loves food
Learn different skills from other workers
Learn how to cook from others at work and then go and cook for the family
Learn how to manage money, this could help us if we have a job and it involves money managing
Learn different recipes
Somme staff members may not participate in the plan
Getting items to make the product
Not having the right amount of money
If someone sells the same product and the products cheaper than ours
If someone does the same product

Section Three-The Market
Market Size: The market size is unknown, but if we were to sell our product to everyone it’ll be as big