Balance Sheet and Cupcakes Bakery Essay

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MakeIt2 Cupcakes Bakery

Deanna Nguyen, Owner
March 28, 2014


1.1 Product

MakeIt2 Cupcakes Bakery will produce fresh quality baked goods for all of our customers. All cupcakes will be made equally special, from the freshest ingredients to create a unique cupcake that is different but just as delicious. The cupcakes will cause our customers coming back for more!

1.2 Customers

The target audience for MakeIt2 Cupcakes Bakery will be for anyone who has a significant sweet tooth, who wants a beautiful, yet affordable themed cupcakes for any occasions, basically anyone who coincidently passes by our bakery.

1.3 What Drives Us

Although bakeries, especially cupcakes are highly competitive, our bakery believes we will have a place in this industry to make cupcakes that will be greatly appreciated. Our goal is to bake cupcakes that everyone would want to try just by hearing its description.


2.1 Mission Statement

To bake delicious cupcakes with quality ingredients from recipes that was handed down from generations and generations of baker's who are just as sweet as their cupcakes!

2.2 Principal Members

· Deanna Nguyen - owner, primary business handler, baker

· Tina Nguyen - business manager / bookkeeper of sales, baker

· Bi Nguyen - Primary baker

· Tessa Lynn- Primary kitchen helper, handles customers and take-outs

2.3 Legal Structure

MakeIt2 Cupcakes Bakery is a sole proprietorship.


3.1 Industry

MakeIt2 Cupcakes Bakery is a small start-up cupcake bakery retail establishment located in the heart of Los Angeles, California. Baked by Melissa is definitely and inspiration to our store. What started off, as a small dream became a popular bakery, with over 11 locations in New York City.

Usually anywhere you go you could spot a corner bakery, which is why this industry is very competitive. Even though this industry is suffering a little bit, the past five years revenues did increase by a 4.9 percent growth.

3.2 Customers

Our company hopes to attract anyone with a sweet tooth or even one that is having a hard day at work or a lot on their mind. I mean who wouldn't love a sweet, moist cupcake to take their minds off stress?

We chose to place our bakery in the heart of LA because we want to be surrounded by businesses and people. During lunchtime, these employees from these huge companies think of the nearest location, where they could walk to their convenience.

3.3 Competitors

As we've stated before, this industry has always been competitive. You could buy cupcakes anywhere you go, its extremely popular to buy bakery products that are already made. Nowadays it’s in supermarkets, gas stations, that’s why it's our goal to make ours different than the rest.

3.4 Competitive Advantage

What pulls us apart from others could be because of our:

· Fresh ingredients used

· Unique flavor combinations

· Simple presentations yet decorated enough to win the eyes our clients

· Fun, warm, colorful environment

· Inviting family owned business

· Friendliness & willingness to serve you!

3.5 Regulation

MakeIt2 Cupcakes Bakery must meet all Federal and state regulations concerning baking and food regulations.


4.1 Products or Service

MakeIt2 Cupcake Bakery will sell a variety of cupcakes including cupcake flavor of the day and of the month. We will always have scheduled flavors for everyday of the week. Special flavored cupcakes will be available for order for pick up or special occasions.

4.2 Pricing Structure

· Cupcake of the Day: $3.00/ each $15.00/ half dozen $30/ dozen

· Everyday Cupcakes: $$2.50/ each $12/ half dozen $24/ dozen

· Special Order: to be discussed based on flavor and decoration

4.3 Product/Service Life Cycle

All services and bakery products are ready to be offered to