Balancing School Meals Essay

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Balancing school meals with grains

The national Grain Food council has made the following suggestions to the Australian Federal Government to increase requirements particularly for grain based foods for all Australian primary schools. These suggestions will also assist in boosting the domestic demand for grain foods.

1. Healthy Fun Week
A healthy fun week is suggested for all participating Australian Primary schools. This week will include sporting and fitness activities, then a healthy food cooking day for all students. This day will teach and inform students of what goes into the foods that they eat and the benefits of eating Grain based foods. Healthy week will also include a breakfast day. This day will allow all students with their parents to bring healthy breakfasts, such as cereals, juices, fruits and multi-grain toast. The sporting day will include a range of Australian based activities, such as cricket, footy, swimming, athletics and tennis and the significance of stretching the muscles afterwards. This day will also include the introduction of the new canteen lunch menu, where all students can enjoy the healthy and nutritional choices.

2. Role models Role models, such as The Wiggles, Harold the health Giraffe and the Minister of health as guest speakers for children, teachers and parents. These role models will inform them of healthier choices in support of lowering the fat intake and adding more grains, such as bread, cereals and pasta to the centre of the entire lunch order. Harold the health Giraffe has been an important, well recognised figure to children for the past 20 years and has recently been washed out. However, Harold was seen a fun and an uplifting figure to children who promoted health and information on the body, and should be re-introduced and revamped in order to promote Healthy Fun Week. As Harold the Giraffe is a puppet, and needs to be controlled, it is suggested that a nutritionist should operate this segment. The minister of health will also visit