Baldrige Award Case Study

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Recognition of a company by others can have an encouraging impact on the organization. Winning awards enables an organization to differentiate itself from its competitors and potential clients may be familiar with titles or awards that the organization has, which attracts additional clients and the best employees to be part of a successful organization. One of the awards that recognize businesses in the United States is the Baldrige National Quality Award.
Malcolm Baldrige was a Secretary of Commerce from 1981 to 1987 during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. He played an important role in the Reagan administration trade policies and was a supporter of quality management as an essential part to success and efficiency of organizations. Malcolm
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Being a Baldrige award winning healthcare organization lets the patient know that he/she will get very high quality healthcare services. It also allows the patients to know that the healthcare organization values any statements about the services they receive and any requests will be addressed accordingly. Comparing Baldrige Award recipients against their peers shows a clear advantage to the Baldrige Award recipients. Baldrige hospitals have much better chances to be included in the list of the 100 Top Hospitals, 7% of Baldrige are winners of A100 Top Hospitals award compared to 3% of non-Baldrige competitors. 27% of Baldrige winner hospitals (Foster, 2011) won Performance Improvement Leaders awards compared to 3% of their peers. By comparing two groups, Baldrige hospitals outdid non-Baldrige hospitals in the following percentage: risk-adjusted mortality index by 7.57%, risk-adjusted complications index by 1.30%, patient safety index by 8.17%, core measures score by 4.90%, severity-adjusted average length stay by 11.69% and adjusted operating profit margin by …show more content…
In 1997, it was just an average hospital that changed 5 CEOs within a four-year period and had a 24% employee turnover yearly. With all the unpredictability and challenges the hospital was facing, Dr. Neff, former CMO of PVHS, was one to propose positive changes and the use of Baldrige Health Care Criteria within a 10-12 year period. In the beginning of its journey, PVHS twice submitted applications for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Each time the applications were denied, but the feedback that was provided let the hospital know what they needed to work on in order to be one of the best in the area. For PVHS, the Baldrige was a business model that helped them realize the weakest points in the organization and begin evaluating itself by comparing itself against the top hospitals in the country. One important part in the success of PVHS was its physicians. PVHS facilitated their input into creating strategic plans in the hospital and they were also given growth opportunities. Physicians started to be treated as partners. Between the years 2004 to 2008 there were four visits from Baldrige examiners. In 2008, PVHS was presented the Baldrige Award. Today Poudre Valley Hospital is a 270-bed facility that offers a variety of services in more that thirty medical specialties and is a member of University of Colorado