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Why Balenciaga chose the young Alexander Wang to be its new creative designer



Date Thesis Statement
Through an exploration of Balenciaga's collections both before and after the hiring of Alexander Wang as the company's Creative Director, in addition to an analysis of Balenciaga's company history and goals, this research will prove that Alexander Wang, though seen as a young and innovative designer, was hired by the fashion house to uphold and strengthen rather than alter Balenciaga's already founded stability.
Balenciaga is a well know fashion house which was founded by the Basque designer, Christobal Balenciaga in 1914.The fashion house was well known for its famous elegant dresses and its
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His manufacturing experience was also put into consideration during the selection of Nicolas Ghesquiere’s successor.
Balenciaga fashion house clearly needed new designs and also a totally new direction in the fashion industry and thus went on to hire Mr. Alexander Wang to fulfill this decision. Mr. Wang’s designs which include knitwear’s, short dresses, shorts and sweatshirts are seen as one of the best street designs in the world and the Balenciaga management wanted to include this in their clothing line with Alexander Wang was to spearhead this project.
According to the chief executive officer of Balenciaga fashion house, François-Henri Pinault, hiring a young American designer into the Paris based fashion house would completely change the face of Balenciaga clothing line. He described Mr. Alexander Wang as a young fashion designer who has built a successful business empire with his commercially appealing designs . He further acknowledges Mr. Wang’s ability to create and manage his own fashion design company despite his young age.
In a recent interview after Alexander Wang was chose as the lead creative designer for Balenciaga Fashion House, Henri Pinault explained that the company needed a new focus on a cult of personality. He further explained that they chose Mr. Wang because was his ability to create great designs based on his own lifestyle .He also explained that