Ball Point Alyasis Essay

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Justin Belfiore
The Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner My personal opinion is i disliked analyzing this poem heavily, Its crafted well and is a nice metaphor for what is being described but it lacked a deep consciousness that made me hesitate to find what the meaning mister Jarrell was trying to describe. In essence its a seed inside a soft plum and im into coconuts. It was to easy to crack.
He implies he is being forcefully taken from his home by the goverment becuase of the draft during word war 2. "Falling into the state" is a describing a trap sprung on him, he transforms from being a figment in his mom's dream to that of a real person of a living walking nightmare.
In this second line, his state of consciousness ie. his actually bodily prescense as a gunner in world war 2 is revealed. The fur is real fur, that is mentioned being froze. I'm guessing they all wore that back then as apart of the standard uniform for high alitutde and frigid temperatures. The author is also proabobly hinting at persperation coming from the narrator during the crisis. Hes bascially in Nightmare On Elmstreet at this point and Freddys got him in the boiler room pissing himself. "Six miles from earth", his in a plane high above ground obviously. "Loosed from its dream of life". Hes stating that this in itself is a dream and pulling some inception stuff on us but its not Mr.Jarrell is about to syke us all out in about two lines. "I woke to black flak and the nightmare fighters."