Ballad: French Vanilla Foldgers Essay

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Malik Johnson
“All because of Instagram”
Ok I met this fine girl at the Kroger
She was buying coffee, yea that French Vanilla Foldgers
We locked eyes, so you know I had to approach her.
“Hey, how you doing? I would like to get to know ya”

Ok long story short she became my girlfriend
She said “Malik we’ll be together until the world end”
I said “That’s cool, one day we’ll even have a baby”
But little did I know this shorty here was kinda crazy

Let me tell you, one day I was chilling on the couch
She confronts me yelling. I’m like “Watchu talkin bout?”
She said “Tell me the truth or im gonna go ham!”
“What?” “Who is this liking all yo pics on Instagram?”

And I said “Aww man, here were go again”
Now its my turn to talk and she aint even listening
She yelling real loud and its getting outta hand
I just want to shut her up so I decide to grab a pan.

And then Pow! One blow to the head
She falls to the floor and then starts leaking red
So I get scared like “Should I call the Meds?”
Kick her body one time just to see if she was dead.

Now her life is over, man look at what I’ve done
And she’s the one to blame for the monster I’ve become
But now her life is over, man look at what I did
I used to sit and think about a name for our kid.

Back to reality, I’m faced with a decision
Should I flee the scene and start regretfully living?
Or should I call the cops and report my love missing?
You know what forget it, It don’t even make a difference.…