Baller: Thomas Jefferson and United States Eulogy Essay

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2nd Bank of the United States Eulogy -- 1/3/1837 Hello, my name is Lorenzo Daniel and I want to thank each of you for joining us today. For those of you that have traveled far I would especially like to thank you for your time and thanks for those that have helped put this ceremony together. Now I was not a close member or was not directly associated with the 2nd Bank of the United States, but I do know that it affected many people’s lives. For those of you that were close to the 2nd BUS or were associated with it or the 1st BUS I would like to let you know you are in my prayers and I hope you get through this tough loss. The 2nd Bank of the United States meant well in our world and did not intend for any harm to come out of it. Mr. Andrew Jackson thought otherwise, but the gathering of us here today is to focus on the 2nd BUS and not the destroyer. The 2nd BUS would have been a great idea because it was like a replay on the 1st BUS. I am sad to see the 2nd BUS leave as it made a huge impact on our nation and it would have helped us even more. The 1st BUS helped us pay off war debts; it gave us citizens a safe place to store our money, gave us ready sources of loans, and made it so money was transferable from city to city without charge. The 2nd BUS helped with some of those things, but the 1st BUS was a huge success so I believe the 2nd could have been even greater if it weren’t shut down. I miss the 2nd Bank of the United States as it gave people safer sense of security with their money. I know losses like this can get to your head and make you feel discouraged, but don’t. Keep your head up as we move forward. We can and will continue to make the banks successful. With the First Bank of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was a little shaky because Alexander Hamilton favored wealthy people however he realized the idea was not too bad. If President Jefferson wanted to he could have got rid of the bank when he was in office, but Thomas left the bank because he realized it was actually working. Andrew Jackson did not and that cost us the Second Bank of the United States. The loss just inspires us that the banks can be successful. If the William and Mary graduate allowed the banks then that is hope that the banks are headed in the right direction. We must grow past this loss and continue to grow together. The loss of the 2nd Bank is crucial for our country’s history. So many goals yet to be fulfilled by the 2nd BUS. The goals could have been carried out and our country could live long and prosperous with the economy conditions. I am deeply saddened and hope we can all get through this. I learned that this loss is a reality check and lets us all know how people feel. Henry Clay and Nicholas Biddle along with the 2nd Bank of the United