Bama's Short Story

Words: 525
Pages: 3

“This is Bama’s year boys” said John, “ain’t it Bama’s year every year?” Chris asked rhetorically. “Well you gotta remember this is the playoffs now, if they lose they’re out, and I think Ohio State has a very good chance at coming out on top,” said Don as they get ready to watch Ohio State vs. Alabama in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.

John, Chris, and Don settled in and started watching the game, Alabama scored fourteen points in the first quarter and Ohio state scored six. “Bama’s on them early like always, roll tide,” John said as he took as he took a sip of his beer. “Ole Derrick Henry running down their throats, it’s gonna be a long day for O’ State” Chris said enthusiastically. Don did not have anything to say since his team was losing.
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As John gets some chips and dip he says from from the kitchen “don't get your hopes up now, there's much more to come.

The second half kicks off with Alabama in the lead, but Ohio State puts up seven with a pick six by Steve Miller.“Yeah baby, y'all can't stop us,” yelled Don. Alabama scored seven points and Ohio State scored fourteen. The score at the end of the third quarter is 28-34 with Ohio State on top.

The fourth quarter starts with John, Chris and Don on the edge of their seats. “This is what it comes down to right here baby,” said Don. “Bama’s always seemed to come out in the fourth quarter, this outta be interesting,” said Chris. “We shall see,” John responded. As the fourth quarter proceeds, Alabama comes back with Derrick Henry running into the end zone to strike up 7 on the board. “Oh yeah boys, we’re right back in this this thing,” says John. Late in the fourth quarter with Alabama up one, Ohio State witnesses the end zone once again with an eighty-five yard run by Ezekiel Elliott, Ohio State’s running back. “Yeah baby this game is ours!” Screamed Don. The young men watched as Ohio State lines up to go for two. Cardale Jones finds Michael Thomas for the two point conversion, Ohio State is now up 42-35. “Game ain't over yet boys” said John. Alabama tries come back, but Blake Sims, Alabama’s quarterback throws a series of incomplete passes. As the clock runs down Alabama tries to score, but with one