Bamboo Garden Analysis Essay

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Time Line * A few months ago, Bamboo Garden restaurant was opened. * One Friday evening, A group of guest entered the Bamboo Garden and stood waiting to be seated. * The owner Sue Lee asked one of the waitpersons seat the party. * After several minutes, Kacey Wu brought them menus and water. * Another waitperson served them took food order. * Customers complained the service speed. * A few minutes later Kacey served the appetizer to the customer. * One moment later, when Kacay busy with cleaning off the table, another waitperson brought the soup to kacey’s table. * Customer complained only two of them had been served their entrees and two had not. * Kacey found the check for that table was still posted on the sushi bar.

Organization Chart Sushi Chef
Tai Sung
Kitchen Chef Heon Han
Kitchen Chef
Kim Young
Dish person---Jose Gonzales
Other wait stuffs
Waitperson---kacey Wu
Owner----Sue Lee


The Bamboo Garden | Owner | Hannah | Heon HanKim Yang | Tai Sung | Waitpersons( Kacey Wu) | * Profit * Reputation * Less turnover rate | * Less turnover rate * Less cost * More profit * Good relationships with stuffs & customers | * Help her mon manage the restaurant * Responsive to the question of the waitperson | * Make money * Ran the kichen what they want. | * High quality food ( no matter how much time does it cost) | * Fair payment * Tips * Good treatment ( meal) |

Symptoms * Wait staff was unsure which guests had been serviced and which required assistance * Served the wrong table * Forget to send the check into the kitchen * The appetizer didn’t served to the guest until the guest complain * No wait stuff welcome and seat the guest * Several wait stuff served one table * The chef and the owner give different directions to wait stuffs * Guests have to shift their seats to accommodate passage by persons with disabilities

Difficulty * Space between the tables was too narrow * Owner do not speak English * Owner’s daughter can speak English, but her work schedule should due to her class schedule * Hannah never attempted to tell chef what to do * Chef Kim Young & Heon Han spoke English with difficulty * Chefs ran the kitchen like they want * Sushi Chef takes his time with each dish to make it right, but it is take time * Owner made all…