Essay Banana: Dog and Etsy

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One company that I was just introduced to a couple days ago was the internet website Etsy. I have heard about Etsy multiple times from other friends, but never really had the opportunity to sit down and search it. Etsy is the world’s most vibrant marketplace. Etsy is an independent business where the shops on Etsy are owned and run by individuals themselves and the sellers take care of all the purchase details from start to finish. Etsy is a global marketplace where you can find items from your neighborhood or all around the world. According to the Esty website, “Etsy was founded by painter, carpenter, and photographer, Rob Kalin with the help of Chris Maguire and Haim Schoppik”. Rob had a hard time finding a marketplace to show off his creations online because most of the present E-commerce sites are becoming too full of overstocked electronics and broken appliances, so he was going to establish one himself.
The interesting thing is the types of items found on Etsy. Etsy is basically focused on handmade or vintage items along with arts/crafts supplies. To top it off, these types of items cover a huge variety whether you are looking for art/photography, clothing for yourself, kids, or even your pets, jewelry, eats, beauty products, blankets, toys, and more. To me, it’s almost like an Amazon, except everything is homemade. You can compare these items to items you would find in stores, and what I found is that Etsy has the same items for a much better price. For instance, the