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Brand Audit: Budweiser, CZ Republic, Australia
Brand Management Assignment
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Executive Summary
The aim of this report is to conduct a brand audit of the Budweiser Budvar brand being sold currently in Australia. Even though the brand has a rich heritage in the land and is quite strong the marketing activities of the brand are quite weak. In order to deal with these issues and suggest measures to be implemented in order to increase the value of the brand, initially a brand audit is conducted.
This report is a combination of primary and secondary research which begins with collection of published data on the brand elements and its current positioning strategy. Further the brand equity is assessed through quantitative research in the form of questionnaires that assess the brand on multiple dimensions like knowledge, awareness, image, personality, associations and value to name a few.
Next the findings of the research are analysed on the mentioned dimensions that inspect the equity of the brand to a much deeper level. Based on the findings the research concludes with certain practically implementable solutions on repositioning, brand extensions and marketing programs.
On the front of brand repositioning it has been suggested by the researcher that the brand needs to be rebuilt in lieu of the fact that the image of the brand is becoming obsolete. With regard to brand extension the recommendation is that Budvar offers an extended and associated line of products in the category of beers that would reemphasise the brand value and also add to the bottom line of the company. Finally under marketing it is commended that the Budvar brand goes into event sponsorships on a long term basis so that people associate the brand with the event and also helps in product promotion and sales.

Executive Summary 2
Introduction 4
Brand Inventory 5
Description of the brand 5
Brand Elements 5
Logo and Slogan 5
Trademark Ingredients 6
Brand Architecture 6
Customer Segmentation and Target 6
Brand Positioning Strategy 7
Brand Exploration 7
Analysis of the Brand Exploration 9
Brand Knowledge and Awareness 9
Brand Image 9
Brand Personality List 10
Evaluation of Associations 10
Brand Equity 10
Brand Value 10
Recommendations 11
Brand Repositioning 11
Brand Extensions 12
Marketing Programs 12
References 14

A brand audit is a comprehensive assessment of the current performance of a brand in its industry and its relative position with respect to its competitors. It may also be considered as qualitative inventory of the efficacy of the current strategy that the business is adopting with regard to a particular brand. On a holistic basis the brand audit addresses five main areas or questions of a brand, that is its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, competitiveness of the brand on the scales of price and cost, competitive position of the business as compared to its peers and a review of the strategic issues the business is encountering.
In other words a brand audit examines the brand’s health through an assessment of its equity and is an important task in managing a brand (Taylor, Celuch & Goodwin, 2004, pp. 217 - 227). This brand audit report is done for the Budweiser brand which is primarily an American lager brand with main focus on the Czech market in Australia. The report shall explore the inventory of the brand comprising of brand elements, architecture and other associated features followed by a detailed exploration of the brand. Based on this the brand is analysed from the framework of a brand audit answering the above detailed questions concluded by the current status of the brand recommendations on how to improve it.
Brand Inventory
Description of the brand
Budweiser is a palely coloured lager beer that was produced by Anheuser