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There are about 7,000 languages in the world. Today much language of the world is almost dying out. “More than half are expected to die within the next century---. It’s estimated that two languages die out every month” (David Crystal, par.1). Do you know that language is dying out every day? Have you or any of your friends spoken any other language other than English that is close to extinction? If you have what do you do to solve this problem? I have experienced that many tribes in my country have lost their regional language for many reason because of immigration, replaced cultures, and not teaching children native languages. Languages are a very important thing for everybody. The more languages you speak, the more benefit you have for yourself. There are three main ways that languages become extinct. The first main reason is immigration. Today more people are immigrating to other countries or move from their town to a big city for a better life. When they immigrate to another county, they start losing their own language because their generation does not go to the regional language school or they are shy to speak their language. People try to keep practicing new languages. For example, when my parents immigrated from Burma to Thailand I never had spoken my native language outdoors. I spoke my language only when I at home because I was shy and Thai people contempt our tribe. When small culture immigrants and not many people speak their native language in the area where they live, the children will learn the official language and adapt whatever that language is, rather than their native language; even in their family children will speak the official language. For example, my little brothers adapted, the official language even though they came to United States for only five years. I spoke our language to them, but they speak English back to me. Now they understand what I ‘m saying but I think for the next a few years they will forget their native language. I think the next generation of English will replace our language. The second reason for losing language is that it is replaced by a different language. Replacing by another language is part of losing the language. When small communities come out to worldwide and adapt with the new culture, they lose language skill little by little. When people started to speak another language they started to mix with their native language and they forgot some of their languages and later on, children lose all of their native language. Today English has replaced many languages in the world and started killing languages little by little because English is nationally used language and it’s useful to know English. Today many country promote people to learn English. For example, since World War 2 the British have been control our country (Burma) after the World War end then English has become our second language and started mixing with our language. Burmese people also borrow words from English, and “this can gets out of control” (David Crystal, par. 5). When people started to borrow word, and the word that has been replaced die out and are no longer used. For another example, Native American languages were replaced by English, French, or Spanish because…