Bandon Customer Relationship Management

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The Bandon Group is a family owned distributor of copiers, electronic printers, faxes and other office equipment who provides high quality equipment and superior customer service at cost effective prices. Their continued success, beginning in 1972, led them to expand into information systems consulting, document outsourcing, and document management services, by 1994. After experiencing exponential growth due to their good reputation, they found that they had outgrown their current information systems. Customers began to request web enabled services, such as online meter readings and e-business solutions. There were also difficulties with the sales prospecting database, as it was not integrated with the operations
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Some measures that would affect the goals stated above would be the number of high margin accounts, timely receipt of customer payments and quantity of sales forecasted. The IT solutions to serve such functionalities would be attentive tracking of accounts, progress of sales, rate of sales leads, and overall trend analysis.
Detailed Business Requirements
OMD was the current main system used by Bandon Group. It did not use a relational database, which made it difficult to generate reports and retrieve customized information form the system. Since OMD contained information would assist sales staff in better understanding the needs of their customers, this proved to be a weakness of the system. Since the first goal is growth, Bandon should seek a system that will allow for better sales prospecting, in addition to, integration between divisional systems and report generation. To improve customer service, the key priority would be to implement web based services to better serve customer needs. The customers were previously reporting meter readings through fax, by implementing a web enabled system for meter reading Bandon Group could implement an online customer service questionnaire to monitor customer satisfaction. The final goal of Bandon Group is to improve administrative procedures in order to meet the goal of lowering administrative costs. Some customers were finding invoices difficult to understand and important statistical information was left off, which