Bank and Banking Industry Essay

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What are the responsibilities of this industry?
The banking industry is one of the most important enterprises to keep safe because so many peoples personal information is at risk. If banks become hacked or infested with spyware many people will lose money, credit and social security. People will not be happy with this situation because they give all there trust to the bank to take care of their money. It is a banks priority to take care of people’s money and personal information.
What are the jobs in this industry?
A banking industry requires many people with different jobs. For example a financial analyst is a person who can administer your money in the buying of a home or a business. They also help in investments ideas or administration. Another banking job is a bank teller. They are the people behind the counter who either return your money or you give your money too. Loan officers are also a big part to the banking enterprise because they work with people allow them to borrow money. They are a big part because loans are where banks get a lot of their money through interest. To pay back loans interests are added which are added costs to the loan itself. A financial manager is a person who takes care of a persons or company’s money spending. They are also part of bank jobs. These are people the banking industry needs to thrive.
Why does the industry exist?
A banking industry exists to take care of people’s money and manage it as well. If they wouldn’t