Bank and Cox Media Group Essay

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Application Memo
TO: Lorena Waselinko
FROM: Shakeya Covin
DATE: June 29, 2014
SUBJECT: Application Memo
Below you will find the two job openings that I would be interested in and for which I would consider applying for. The job positions are fairly different, which will allow me to customize and tailor my application to these specific positions. The first job opening is very similar, almost identical to my current job, so on my resume and cover letter I will highlight my experience and focus on my current job roles and how they relate to this position.
Bank Teller
The first job opening is a bank teller at Sun Federal Credit Union. Sun Federal is similar to Wells Fargo Bank, my current company. The major difference is the fact that Sun Federal is a credit union, where Wells Fargo is a major bank. This position would complement my current work experience and help me gain knowledge of credit unions and how they work compare to banks. The responsibilities include:
Open accounts, including savings and checking.
Help customers fill out deposit and withdrawal slips.
Disburse money to customers.
Check for photo identification.
Assist customers at the drive-through window.
Greet people warmly and direct them to appropriate bank personnel.
Sales Assistant
The second job opening is a sales assistant at Cox Media Group, Inc. Cox Media Group, Inc. is an integrated broadcasting, publishing and digital media company. This position is fairly related to the degree that I am pursuing