Bank Service Essay

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Bank Services

Tutor Name: Sarah Ali
Module: PEGE06
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Date: 11th April 2013

The aim of this report is analysis some bank service which help international student to know more information. Firstly, I will share some bank services’ information from my collection, such as HSBC, Lloyds TSB and Barclays. Then, I will talk about problems and how to solve these problems. Moreover, I will evaluate what I found out in this project. Finally, I will summarise what I have learned and what I liked and disliked about this project.

Collecting Information

This project is discussing the different type of bank service for student, and I chose HSBC, Lloyds TSB and Barclays. Firstly, I research most of their service from their official website. This is fast way to know their information and easy to compare it. However, I feel some information provided on the website is not detailed. Therefore, I went to each targeting bank to consult the staff face to face, they are very kind of me and this is an another way to collect the information about bank charges, overdraft facilities for international students. In addition, I interviewed some friends who use the services from my targeting banks, and their experience can help me find out more opinions on each bank.

Problems and how to solved problems

Due to this is the first project in my life, at the beginning, I think it is difficult for me. However, thanks to my teacher and my partner, they are patient to taught me methods about how can I searched variety of data and then they told me some detail about bank service, which help me to compare different targeting bank. Moreover, I got more useful help from last Tuesday's tutor meeting. I saw the example repost and I think it help me know the structure of report. Another problem for me is my English grammar and vocabulary, now; I am still hard to use suitable words to show my idea clearly.

Summary information about three banks

Firstly, the UK student wants to open an independent account in Barclays, the independent current account must be deposited 1000 pound. However, there are many benefits for international students. There are not only have 10% discount on student possessions insurance and student travel insurance, but also have free text alerts to help students manage their money. But if a student wants up to 2001 pound interest-free overdraft, they need pay for 8.9% interest per annum.

By contrast, students can also use Lloyds TSB visa debit card manage their money in daily life. At the same time, they are not charges for using student current accounts in Lloyds TSB. For example, if students go overdrawn by 10 pound or less, they need not pay any overdraft fees and interest.

Moreover, HSBC student account has more benefit which includes an interest free overdraft up to 3000 pound.