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Freire’s essay
Response 1 According to the “Banking” concept of education, Freire states that education is suffering from narration sickness. Like Freire says, “education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor.”(318). what he is saying is that “Banking” education by narrating forces students to memorize the knowledge mechanically. Therefore, the students have no ability to think critically. Additionally, they pretend everything they receive is always right. Eventually, the students become “containers” or “receptacles”. The teachers “fill” up the students with knowledge. If I am Freire, I think the class will like: In the University of “Banking” education, instead of any blackboards, desks, chairs or projectors, there will be ATM-looking machines in every classroom. When students have classes, they will come in the classroom and everyone will log in one of those machines by connecting their nerve system on the machine so that they can receive knowledge in their head. The professor will hand out Freire Reserve Note (which stands for knowledge) and for different classes the notes will be different, such as English, History and Chemistry. When the students received the notes, they will deposit them in the machines in order to get knowledge. For all the notes the students receive, they cannot deposit them successfully, if the notes are not Freire Reserve Note. In another word, the knowledge they get will be