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Diversity Journal Complete the diversity journals that begin on page 389. The diversity journal is the perforated pages found at the back of the textbook. If you don’t have this then utilize the information at the end of this document. When you turn in your journal, YOU MUST INDICATE HOW MANY JOURNAL ENTRIES YOU COMPLETED AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. Worth: 80 points, 10 points each Directions: • You must complete 8 of these 13 journals for the 80 diversity journal points or fewer for partial points. Additional ones above eight will not count for extra points.
• The length of each journal should be two complete paragraphs where you reflect on the topic/question that relates to each chapter. Points will be deducted if this length requirement is not met.
• This is to be turned in utilizing the journal questions found in the textbook or at the bottom of this page. Please indicate which chapter you are answering as this allows me to clearly know which journal is being discussed.
• It is best to complete each chapter journal when you finish reading each chapter that way they don’t pile up. But, do not send them until you have completed them all.
• Please submit all journal entries together and not one at a time.
• This is a reflection assignment—so the points are not difficult to receive unless you don’t reflect or only write a small amount or you just don’t complete it.

Diversity Journal This Diversity Journal is a place to express all your inner thoughts and feelings concerning the deep and somewhat controversial subject matter that relates to diversity in the workplace. The goal of this writing assignment is for you to begin to understand yourself through writing. You can then move closer to knowing who you are and what adjustments you may need to make in order to better value diversity. Your feelings, your breakthroughs, your desires — record them all here. Discover yourself. Why Journal? Journaling as you complete this course can help you with: Self-discovery. Writing consistently in a journal can give you a deeper connection with your own inner self and how you relate to the diversity issues.

Less stress. Releasing all your inner thoughts and anxieties through writing can help release unwanted stress that may be brought about from exposure to certain cultural knowledge.

Understanding the past. Journaling can bring up many issues in life that are still unresolved. Writing about them helps take you to a place of forgiveness and healing.

Greater sense of peace. Listening to your inner thoughts through writing will give you a greater sense of peace and a more positive outlook on your experiences in life and this helps with dealing with diversity.

Awareness Get a chance to see how your own perspectives may change as move through the topics presented in the text. General Directions are to write out your response to the statements that correlate with each chapter. The amount of detail will vary depending upon your writing style and views BUT SHOULD BE AT LEAST TWO PARAGRAPHS. Please utilize complete sentences to translate your thoughts. AT TOP OF EMAIL INDICATE NUMBER OF TOTAL JOURNALS COMPLETED___________ (1 TO 10)

Chapter One Thinking Journal


Think about two positive messages you have been told throughout your life or when you were a kid or two positive things you believe about yourself. Now indicate below how these messages have manifest themselves in your life.

My parents have been the most influential people in my life up to this point. They have guided me to where I am today and I am very thankful of that. In doing so, they have provided me with twenty years of meaningful advice and knowledge. One of the most aspiring messages they have expressed onto me is to ‘Always strive better than your best’. At the young ages of beginning to hear these words, I did not understand their full