Banksy: Artist or Lawbreaker? Essay

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Banksy: Artist or Lawbreaker? Art is a persons’ opinion. The definition of art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. There is no real definition for what is beautiful or appealing to the human eye. Banksy is said to be an artist by some and a graffiti lawbreaker by others. Basically, it is up to the person to define Banksy as someone who is doing the right thing verses doing the wrong thing. Banksy creates his graffiti pictures to make a stand for what he believes is the right way to look at controversial issues. Some people may not like Banksy’s graffiti because they do not have the same views as him. Some people might …show more content…
I don't think it's possible to make art about world poverty and then trouser all the cash, that's an irony too far, even for me."
Even though his paintings have been priced high and his popularity continuing to grow. It does not stop him from creating his stencil art pieces. His artwork is created to make a point not to be destructive graffiti. Banksy held an exhibition in a Bristol museum this past summer. The lines were long for his courageous art with their outrageous prices. Simon Cook, the deputy leader of the council and the executive for culture, explained how the exhibition brought a new age to art. "Twenty years ago, we might have looked on him as a vandal," Cook suggests, "but the more we looked the more we thought that what he was doing was not just mindless but a very creative kind of street art."(Adams). Banksy also states how finally the taxpayer’s money is used to help put up his paintings in a museum rather then wipe them off the streets. Overall, people were astonished by his art and the city of Bristol hopes that it helps them create a destination for travelers. This is where Banksy’s art goes past the line of vandalism and into the territory of respected art. Banksy’s art is more beneficial to people then it is detrimental. The art posted on Israel’s wall in the West Bank has become one of Banksy’s most looked at pieces of