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Jamie Lyn Clark
Eng 101 There are a number of artists around the world that have influenced many people, as well as their view on things and how to perceive them. An important artist that hoped to express his outlook through his art is Banksy. Banksy was a graffiti artist who began his career in the early 1990's. His art mainly focused on anti-war, anti-capitalist, poverty, hypocrisy, and greed. Banksy hoped that his art would help show the public that even though power exists among us, we are capable of understanding and protecting our rights. Banksy used symbolism in his art to express his views on anti-war. He believed that children in Syria were being treated poorly and being abused. In London, 2002, Banksy's famous balloon girl stencil was first seen by the public . The artwork is a picture of a Syrian girl reaching for a red balloon that is out of her reach and flying away from her. The red balloon symbolizes the child's lost childhood or lack of love and safety. Banksy wanted this piece of art to be seen by the public because he believed that it would help people come together and fight against the cruelty among children in Syria. Banksy states, "we must tell our leaders: don't let the people of Syria lose another year of bloodshed and suffering." He is saying that before Syria can torture and kill more Syrians, we must take action and help prevent it from getting worse. We have the power to do something about it, then why don't we do something. Banksy's anti-war message was powerful and he continues to use children to also touch on the topic of greed. Another one of Banksy's famous street art is the Crayon Boy (gun). This piece of art is showing a Vietnamese little boy holding a machine gun and fighting for his life in a colorful garden. The garden is supposed to resemble what the boy is supposed to be feeling, as well as the colorful butterflies and flowers surrounding him. Instead of him feeling loved and happy, like he is supposed to, he is feeling scared and doubtful. Banksy created this artwork to show his feelings and beliefs on forcing children to go to war. He felt it was cruel and brutal to force children to participate in the war. The war was supposed to be fighting for the poor Vietnamese, but instead it was for their own greed in making their nation stronger. Banksy questions what the war was