Banning Books Should Not Be Banned

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Every year, more and more books are being banned from schools and libraries. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl”, Of Mice and Men”, The Scarlet Letter” (courtesy of The American Library Association. “Banned Books Week”, and Jamie Frater. “Top 15 Banned Literary Classics recognize any of these famous titles? Would you believe that these books were banned?
By banning books, we are shielding children from the real world and eliminating critical life lessons that children should learn. We are putting the thought that the world is a happy and safe place into children’s minds because they have never known any better, when in fact, it’s not. Some people believe that books contain profanity
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(-Kelly Konrad. “Banning Books is Bad and Let Me Tell You My Top Five Reasons Why” Something children can not only learn from and appreciate the beauty behind but also relate to.
In conclusion, books should not be banned. Children and teenagers should be able to read whatever they want. That is, only if they understand and are fully able to comprehend what they are reading. When you read a book, you are acutely aware of the topic you are reading about. Therefore, banning books is not the answer to the problem. For a child or anyone to enjoy reading, they need to read materials that spark their interest. If they can’t receive these types of books they will never want to read anything.
Book banning has been a running issue since the 20th century to today. From burning books in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, to not allowing schools and libraries to carry them. (-Amy Brady. “History (and present) of banning books in America. No matter if books contain profanity or suggestive content reading is a powerful thing that should not be discouraged. We cannot keep people away from their freedom to read what they want, they will always find a way to express themselves and their freedom, as they should be able to