Barack Obama Essay

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Jacob D. Killough

Abstract: Barack H. Obama has been making a wave of historical headlines in the last few years. His is a household name, and rightfully so, he is the president of the United States of America; he is also the first multi-cultural president in U.S. history. Despite all that he was surprisingly close to losing his re-election in 2012, the president and opponent Mitt Romney ran a tight race, and throughout the campaign it seemed Romney was not only in the lead, but at times it appeared Barack had already thrown in the towel. So what caused the turnaround at the last minute? That’s a topic of several theories, a few of which we will be exploring.

Who is Barack Hussein Obama? Is he the president we have all been waiting on? Is He the embodiment of the American dream? Is he the savior of the masses? According to (D'Souza, 2010), “Barack Obama is the most antibusiness president in a generation, perhaps in American history.” This is reflected by the Obama administrations re-instatement of big government; the expansion of the governments control over home mortgages, healthcare, the auto industry, energy, investment banking (D'Souza, 2010). Not to mention the increase of the taxpayers debt by trillions, not billions (D'Souza, 2010). He is all for funding helping other countries increase business profit. He helped fund offshore drilling in Brazil, not in order to bring the oil back to the U.S., but instead for it to stay in Brazil (D'Souza, 2010). Yet in the U.S. he is pushing for drilling to stop, to look for a more environmentally sound source of energy. It seems like if drilling is damaging to the planet, it would be just as damaging in one country as another. It’s not just his business agenda, or lack thereof that has left a bad taste in voters mouths. Several of Barack’s supporters have lost faith in his leadership simply because they are questioning his American agenda. Does he have one? What direction is he steering us in? Where will we be in 2016? Obama has lost the support of those who helped propel him into the White House, more than half disapprove of his job performance (Savage,2010). The president openly supported the $100m building of a mosque, on the site of ground zero, where Islamic terrorists crashed planes into the World Trade Center (D'Souza, 2010). Obama also supported the release of Terrorist, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber convicted in connection with the deaths of 270 people, mostly Americans (D'Souza, 2010). Not exactly a reassuring fact when he is in control of protecting our best interests. So how might you ask was he re-elected for a second term? That is the question literally millions of Americans have been asking themselves, and each other. Some would say, he won fair and square, that he is the president and his word is law. Some would go as far as to call it a conspiracy; they claim the election was fixed and Romney had no chance at winning. Others, aren’t so easy to jump to conclusions, others see that this antibusiness president, may in fact be the most clever business man to ever run for office. You see, he was down in the polls; he knew he had to sale it, and he had to sale it hard to win. So instead of folding he went all in, he promised extended welfare, extended food stamps, extended healthcare, and to top it all off, mailed out