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Against Obama for President
What come to your mind when I mention the name Barack Obama? Everyone is going to have their own opinion about this man character, integrity and ability to make decisions. Over the last 200+ years, we have had 46 presidents of the United States all coming into the highest office of the land. Each of them having their many challenges that face our nation. Starting with George Washington, he being the first president, had to walk where no other man has walked before running the country with the type of government that had never been run before. We had Abraham Lincoln facing the abolishment of slaves, Franklin Roosevelt facing the nation’s depression and John F. Kennedy facing the Cuban missile crisis and finally, George W. Bush taking over the war on terrorism. The list can go on and on, however each of these presidents took on these challenges head on not blaming former administrations. Currently, we have Barack Obama who has already been in office for 4 years and now starting his second term and what has he done? Never in the history of mankind has a man been given so much, produced so little and still has the audacity to ask for more. As Philip J. Berg, the first attorney who filed suit against Obama in 2008 once said, “Obama has put forth the greatest “Hoax” in the history of our country, over 230 years. And our “free press” has refused to investigate the obvious. Our public elected officials, including judges, have looked the other way!” And we the people as why? Obama promised us a “smarter government” but he has developed a government that is not too big to fail but definitely too large to succeed. He managed not only to grab the attention of the American people with his smooth words and charisma, he also lured us in with his persuasive promises, which he has yet to show any positive results. For example, as quoted by Obama, “If you already have healthcare, my plan will lower your premiums”. With that said for those people whom already have insurance, their premiums have gone way up in price, while those who have never had insurance still to this day are not covered. He has and continues to try to push forth “Obamacare” without even having one Republican vote to support it. In addition, Barack Obama has promised us that he would cut the budget deficit in half, and as of November 4, 2012 the deficit is over 16 trillion and it continues to rise. He continues massive stimulus spending with no results with the idea that taxing the rich will fix everything. Obama thinks that continuing the "stimulus spending," will improve economy, apparently in denial about how poorly it worked last time. Finally, if you go back and examine the record you will find that Obama was fully aware of the depth and seriousness of the recession. When Obama spoke about unemployment in 2008 he quoted “we are in the worst financial crisis since the great depression”. And “we are facing a crisis unlike any we have seen in our lifetime”. In 2008, Barrack Obama promised