Barack Obama and Private Sector Investments Essay

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Space exploration is key to further human race and knowledge. We need to get humans into space affordably but more importantly, first. The only way to accomplish that is by using private sector investments. America, as a whole, needs to find the preferable and more beneficial means to get into space. And the more preferable way and even the more beneficial way to get into space is by using private sector investments.
-NASA cancels constellation program, -Plait ‘10
NASA’s Constellation program was based on a vision of returning astronauts back to the moon by 2020. The program was over budget, behind schedule, and lacking in innovation due to failure to invest in critical new technologies. Using a broad range of criteria an independent review panel determined that even if fully funded, NASA’s program to repeat many of the achievements of the Apollo era was the least attractive approach to space exploration as compared to potential alternatives. Judges, NASA has lost control and is losing power; we need to find a new approach. -NASA wastes funds by funding projects that have already been canceled, - Dyson ‘11
Right now NASA is spending $475 million on a program that has already been canceled. The reason: a congressman managed to introduce a provision that prohibits NASA from stopping the spending until a new budget has been approved. Because NASA is still operating under an old budget, the canceled program continues to be funded. Imagine how those NASA workers must feel: grateful for paychecks but completely cynical about the value of the work they are doing. Judges, NASA’s foundation is breaking and the only thing left to support space exploration is private funding.
-NASA blows BILLIONS of dollars for little or no result, - Zubrin ‘11
It has been a year since President Barack Obama announced his new space policy. Since that time, NASA has spent something on the order of $10 billion on human spaceflight in order to accomplish nothing. There were no plans to accomplish anything. Nor, if the plan remains in place, will anything be accomplished by 2020. The plan requires zero accomplishments, it aims for zero accomplishments, and it will deliver zero accomplishments. Judges, America just isn’t dependent on NASA anymore. Obama is putting the responsibility of space exploration in the hands of private sectors.
-Government control of space disallows strategies that could drive cost down, - Millstein ‘09
The main challenge of going back to the moon is doing it sustainably and affordably. We’ve got to move toward the things that cost a lot less than they do now. Governments, in general, are not willing to take the risk necessary to get to that point. In government, you’re only punished for failure. You’re not really rewarded for success.
-Private space investment is critical to stay competitive with space pioneers like china- the economist ‘10