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There are many qualities that are needed to be a good leader or manager. To what extent can these be learnt through study and training? Support your answer with examples.

In the modern society, a company usually needs a good leader or a good manager. Then this company may become successful under managing of this person. However, a good leader or a good manager is required many qualities. Some of these qualities can be learnt through study and training, and some of these are born with someone. This essay will discuss about this.
What is a leader or a manager? Naylor (2004) points out that leader and manager are two different kinds of concepts. Leader is related to influence people to achieve goals, but manager is someone who sets goals and makes decisions. In my mind, a good leader or a manager is able to set goals, has ability to motivate people. Also, this person has to be a good team worker and have decision-making skills. According to Naylor (2004), a leader or manager has to prepare and be able to take possible risks, create solutions and detect any opportunities for their company. But not everyone can be born with these excellent qualities. These qualities cannot be born with people they can be obtained by other ways.
A manager or a leader can acquire these qualities through education and training. On the base of Education – Portal (Access: 12/11/2012), it pointed out that through learning, people can learn how to solve the problems, present their ideas and do the business research. Also, learning and training can develop their leadership and communication skills. What is more, some people believe that these qualities can be taught by some ways. However, according to Story J. (2011), ‘ on a global basis, is based on creating the belief among buyers that not only can leadership be taught, but that there are many who are qualified to teach it, through a variety of methods.’ Training and learning just can help people to develop skills and acquire some fundamental qualities. For example, people may manage time well after a long-term training, or after a high quality education, they own much knowledge and then they can find a high salary job. Moreover, experience also brings people knowledge and skills. From an article – Experience is the best teacher written by Huffman L. (2005), it was said that “Getting involved in a student organization is an excellent way to take a leadership role and interact with peers. It enriches your learning experience by extending it beyond academics.” So people can gain skills and knowledge that they cannot learn from academic lectures or classes through experiencing.
In addition, ‘all of our great leaders, whether they are social or business leaders, have natural talent and have spent many years of hard work developing their leadership skills.’ (Holberton P., 2012) Here is an example, ‘Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric and arguably one of the world's most effective corporate leaders, reportedly spends the bulk of his day on GE leadership issues. Although the pending acquisition of Honeywell may pull Welch's current attention away from leadership topics, he focused great energy in the 1990s on GE leadership development. Each April and May, Welch travelled to GE's various businesses to review the progress of the top 3,000 executives. He spent enormous amounts of time with top future GE leaders, reviewing outlined plans for their development and fine tuning detailed succession plans.’ (Holberton P., 2012) From examples leaders or managers have to learn and experience to develop their skills and qualities.
Somehow, a certain number of qualities cannot be obtained by training, education, experience or something else. They are born with people. Some people are decreed by fate to be a leader when they were born. They know how to motivate people, how to make a decision and perceive opportunity. They do not have to learn them, because they have talent in these things. There is a good example