Barack Obama Ethos Pathos Logos

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The purpose of sentence one is to persuade the audiences that their choice is correct. It is a speech following the election in 2008 which is called Obama’s victory speech, to celebrate that Barack Obama has won the election, become the first African-American President. In this sentence, Obama realized the significance of persuading audiences, convince them believe in their choice is right as he uses ethos to appeal to the confidence of audience. This sentence uses repetition of pronouns such as "our” and “your” to connect with the listeners, let the listeners realize that they are unity. He also uses pathos to appeal to speak to audience’s hearts as using the nouns “dream” and “power.” A logical and reflective approach that asked for the society response of having confidence in Barack Obama. Taking advantage of the rhetorical appeals of ethos and pathos, Obama gave a thoughtful and persuasive speech to the public of America, even all of the world. …show more content…
And through the utilization of the pronouns “our”, like “our founders”, “our time” and “our Democracy”, Obama was willing to show his audiences that he was together with them. He was able to connect with his listeners emotionally, uniting them as using the reminder that “we” together are integrated. There is evident to show that Obama wishes to resonate with his audience when he mentions “our Democracy,” also to win the public support for the Democracy and him. By using this repetition, Obama created a rhythm in this speech, while using the parallelism of the verbs “doubt”, “wonder” and “question” balance the discourse. In the sentence the phrase “tonight is your answers”, the use of word “is” showing that he was informing the public that what the answer is instead of asking for their