Barbara Jordan Biography

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Barbara Jordan was an unusual American lady, one of a kind woman; she has always been successful in her life. Although she is an African-American woman, she was the first southern black female to be chosen in the elections of the United States House of Representatives. Curtin, M. E. (2004). Jordan was born on 21st of February 1936, in Houston, Texas, and died on 17th January 1996.
She was academically brilliant; she won a prize for a debate in her high school, and this was her first prize in her life. In her speech she was inspired by Edith Sampson, which also helped her in choosing her career and gets more convinced by being a lawyer. Indeed, she has joined the University of Texas Southern majoring in Political Science and History. Meanwhile, she registered in the Boston University school of Law, and graduated after three years with a degree in law. She aimed for success and excellence since her young age.
Henceforth, she started her career as a teacher in the Political
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Throughout her lifetime, she received a numerous awards. In 1992 she received the Spingarn Medal and Elizabeth Blackwell award in 1993. Last but not least, in 1994 she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and many more. Also she received a Medal in the Texas and National women’s Hall of Fame. Jordan had health issues, and her health started to decline more and more, until she was diagnosed with Leukemia. After her death, many places like schools, college, and parks were named after her.
Barbara Jordan is a unique success story and a true role model for all coming generations. She started from scratch with her knowledge and mindset, her love for education and knowledge helped her in achieving what seemed to be impossible, because she considered as a black woman. But this did not stop her; quite conversely this encouraged her to reach and fulfill her dream and