Barbie and J. Cole Essay

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Beyonce as a person is an inspiration because she is a great role model for young girls. She has achieved so much in her career and has worked hard for each thing she has accomplished. Her music is great and provides positive messages to everyone, so people find it relatable. She is very creative with her videos and performances. It seems like she works very hard to give her best in everything she does and that is what makes her a great artist. I also admire her relationship with her husband and how she manages to keep her life private.

Emma Watson

I love this black dress that Emma Watson is wearing from Elie Saab Couture. There is so much going on with the dress but it all works together to make a beautiful dress. The different textures that come from the skirt and the detailed beading on the bodice. The dress looks great on her body because it is form fitting and the color really brings out the details of the dress. The dress is very feminine but the color gives it an edge.


The whole picture is great. There is so many different textures that stand out but they complement each other. The different beads and jewels from the dress reflect the sun’s rays so the shine. The different colors from the dress pop out from the earthy tones of the background. Also the expression on her face reflects the picture as a whole; showing that the ambiance is energetic and happy. It is also an interesting picture because it is two different elements that would not really go together; you would not find a girl wearing a fancy dress in the middle of mountains.


Purple is my favorite color, so I chose this eyeshadow palette because of the different shades. The color purple has a rich pigment and it just attracts my attention.


I love this quote because it really gives a life lesson to live by. In life you will meet so many different kinds of people and they will have an impact. People can leave a negative or positive impact; you decide how you want them to come into your life. Its a great quote that can help you decide who to really call your friends.


This quote is said by Sofia Vergara, she is a Colombian actress who broke into the American acting business and has made it far. She has a heavy spanish accent but it did not stop her from pursuing her dream. We sometimes believe that the obstacles we go through are too hard to overcome so we loose motivation. This quote reminds us that if we make the effort and sacrifice some things then we can achieve what ever we set our minds to.


This quote is a great motivation for changing what you do not like about yourself. The only reason a person should change anything is for themselves. If someone starts to change for someone else, they can never really be happy. People have insecurities and they are sometimes afraid to change because of what people might say. Basically a quote to inspire others to do what makes them happy.


Jay-Z is one of my favorite rappers because his music tells stories about overcoming tribulations in life. Like his wife, he is very creative and committed to his craft. Thats is inspiring because he has come from a hard life but worked his way up to become successful. I also admire the way he respects his wife, many rappers are known to not stay committed to one person. Having Jay-Z be married and respect his wife like he does is a great example for other men.


I picked this bible verse as one of my inspirations because it gives me hope that things will get better if I am going through troubled times. I believe everything happens for a reason so even if we go through rough times, we have to remember there is a reason and we can learn from it. Sometimes we think only bad things happen to us but this verse helps people know that the future is bright and better things are to come.

The Croods

I went to the movies with my little cousin to see the movie ‘The Croods.’ It was