Barbie Taking Over The World Research Paper

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Barbie is Planning to Take Over the World! Little girls all over the United States need a role model to look up to. This leads to toy companies and television shows creating characters and toys that show little girls how to behave and act while they are growing up. A very commonly known toy targeted towards girls is the Barbie doll. Barbie company strives to teach girls that they can be anything they want to be. Barbie is also known as very controversial because of the beauty standards they set. No one is impartial towards the company, people either love them or hate them. I think that they are planning something bigger. Barbie is trying to take over the world because they want to make everyone the same. They want people to have similar jobs, live a big lifestyle, and all look the same. …show more content…
Sometimes, it is very hard to get a dream career that a person wants. It is known that Barbie has had many jobs. I noticed though, that the majority of the jobs are high paying jobs. The company is telling girls not to be ambivalent on choosing a career and tries to pick one for them. Barbie wants girls to have the jobs that they promote. They want to create a utopian society by only including very influential and powerful jobs. Barbie wants citizens to obtain jobs that Barbie has chose for them.They do this by showing a job that a girl can have and then encourage them to pursue them. They want everyone to have one job that serves society and not something that is detrimental to society. With those dream jobs, Barbie wants people to live very