Barbie Turn 50 Research Paper

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This advertising has shown how the American values have changed along these years. In the ad it showed that girls can be anything they want, giving examples of different careers that they could do. By showing that girls can be anything Barbie ad became a model of a changing society.
According to the article "Barbie turn 50 " Barbie doll was created in march 9, 1959, by Mattel Ruth Handler , her idea came up when she saw her daughter playing with some paper dolls. "They were using these dolls to project their dreams of their own futures as adult woman". So she decided to create a doll that would represent this many different tasks for girls. Even though in that time woman were seen as housewife, Handler saw something much more deeper, she saw that girls have dreams more than only being a housewife but also as having a career or a profession.
This advertising has shown girls that they can be anything they want ,in contrary with the advertisings from the past that showed Barbie with only one career instead of creating this image that serve as an incentive in the ability of choosing their dreams. Nowadays Barbie advertising also has shown that not only the perfect standard of beauty for woman is being blond, tall and blue eyes , but also the
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Some examples were model, teacher , nurse, flight attendant, but even in that time the doll represented a idea of freedom of choice and being independent. Over time the society changed and with this change , their values and ethics changed. Handler created more than 100 different professions for Barbie ,for example a pilot or a military officer or even a doctor , showing girls that they can be in any profession they want allowing them to fulfil their dreams in a successful career and as confident woman. That made the Barbie become more than just a