Barilla Spa Case Essay

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Barilla SpA Case

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2
Issues Identification 3
Environmental and Root Cause Analysis 3
Alternatives or Options 4
Recommendation and Implementation 5
Monitor and Control 6
Conclusion 6

Executive Summary

Barilla’s high stock out rates along with large average inventory numbers are the main reasons why Maggiali is looking to continue on with Vitali’s dream of implementing the Just In Time Distribution system. However, faced with great external resistance to its introduction, Magialli must look to top management to hop on board and facilitate its acceptance among all partners in the supply chain. Using internal distributors as experiments will allow Barilla to showcase better stock out and
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However, Maggiali must find other ways of implementing the system rather than force distributors to adhere.

Firstly, Maggiali must demonstrate that JITD benefits the distributors. Running an experiment of the system at one or more of the distributor’s sites gives other distributors an example to compare to. Once other distributors see what the system can do for them, they may be more willing to participate. A proposed idea would be to run this experiment through an internal distributor. Doing so will prompt less or no resistance and can be monitored closely.

Secondly, Maggiali needs to involve top management so that JITD is not just a logistics issue. Having a company wide effort allows all members to participate and as a resuly, less resistance will be observed.

Thirdly, since the distributors may think that Maggiali is trying to obtain power over