'Barn Burning': Omniscient Essay

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The third-person narrator of “Barn Burning” is omniscient limited. The reason for this is because omniscient limited is where you do not know the whole story just parts. As opposed to just omniscient where you know the whole story and characters emotions and feelings. This story is omniscient limited due to the fact that we do not know all the story or everything about the event that occurred.
The point of view of the italicized passages are told in third-person omniscient point of view because these italicized passages are Sarty's thoughts. These thoughts do not use words like I and we they use words like he and she. It is also omniscient because from these thoughts we learn a lot about Sarty. There is no limited like the rest of the story we are getting what he is actually thinking so therefore they narrator is using omniscience. From these passages these readers are able to learn a lot about the story and more importantly how Sarty feels about certain situations. I believe these passages create irony because Sarty is doing the opposite of what he is thinking or feeling. For example in one of the italicized passages the author says that Sarty is so against what his dad has done
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Because we know that Ab Snopes served in the Civil war, we know that there is some background and a reason for his burning of barns. This does not mean his actions are justified just that he has a sort of influence. I am very sure that Ab had to deal with many traumatic events that have made him who he is. During the war it is implied that he took horses from both sides of the war in order to stay alive. This may mean that Ab sees everyone as an enemy. Everyone except his blood family who he tells his son Sarty s the only people he can trust. Abner Snopes’s behavior during the war also tells us that he sees every man for themselves, he does not care about anyone other than his blood. He will do whatever it